3 Bad Exercise Habits You Don’t Want to Do If You Are Serious About Fitness!

Even if you are a serious fitness enthusiast or athlete you can commit bad exercise habits from time to time. I have listed 3 very common bad health and exercise habits below that even the most serious workout junkies tend to commit over time. Stay away from these if you don’t want your workout program to suffer tremendously.

Bad Exercise Habits

1. Lack Of Proper Warm Up: This is a common mistake for a lot of people. Before working out you should focus on dynamically, not statically, stretching and warming up. You should focus on getting the blood flowing here and getting the joints warmed up for some intense training. This is a great health and fitness tip to never take for granted. Get in the habit of going through your dynamic warm ups before lifting or conditioning sessions begin. A great example of these is to engage in a round of high knee runs, high leg kicks, skips, and internal and external shoulder mobility drills. This will ensure that you support the integrity of your joints and muscles to achieve a more productive workout. Do it.

2. Lack Of Following Through: This is a big mistake that I often see with people. This is a good Klikdokter workout tip for anyone. The lack of following through to the very end of a lift can be devastating to people. The reason is that this often leads to serious injury. For instance, if you are engaging in a set of kettlebell swings and have a great productive set, but relax too soon before properly placing the bell back on the ground then you are asking for trouble. It would be stupid and idiotic to relax too soon after a killer set and bend over to set down the heavy bell improperly. If you do this then you are getting closer to throwing out your back every time. This is both unnecessary and totally avoidable. Always follow through. Don’t allow fatigue to make your workout end sloppy.

3. Lack Of A Good Spot: This is also the dumbest mistake that I see with even the most experienced lifters and fitness junkies. I see guys get into a position with a heavy lift and they either don’t have a spotter, or the one they have is incompetent. This is really stupid on your part if you are allowing this to happen. I have seen guys on several occasions do a set of bench press that they have done hundreds of times before, but either take a spot for granted or have a spotter that is not doing their job at the time, which results in an unnecessary injury.

Believe it or not, a lot of the time the mistake occurs with the light weight. This is because neither the lifter or spotter is respectful of the weight because it is light. Due to this mindset their health insurance premiums are now higher every month! I think you get where I am coming from. Smart health and fitness tips involve safety first! If you are looking to make your workouts better, safer, and more productive then feel free to access the rest of my articles on the matter for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend!